How To Vacuum

How To Vacuum: Guide For Vacuum Owner



To maintain the look, feel, and appearance of your carpet you’ll need to vacuum on a regular basis. If you are new to vacuuming, you’ll find the tips below to help you when it comes to keeping your home clean:

1. Before you start, you should always inspect the area. Pick up any objects that could cause your vacuum cleaner to clog up. The smaller objects are fine, just as long as they will pass through the vacuum.

2. You should check the vacuum bag to ensure that is isn’t full already. If it is full, you should go ahead and change it. A full bag isn’t going to suck up much dirt, as the power will be greatly reduced due to the bag taking up a great deal of storage and limiting the suction.

3. You should always vacuum forwards instead of going backwards. Going forward will get the job done quicker and you won’t wear your cord out near as fast. When going backwards, you also run the risk of running back over your cord, which is something you don’t want to do.

4. Be sure that you overlap your strokes to ensure that you get out all of the dirt and the residue. You don’t want to miss any of the carpet, which is why it is important that you overlap your strokes.

5. You should change your vacuuming direction on occasion to reduce any type of matting in your carpet. You can change direction without any problems. Doing this every time you make a sweep on the carpet or every other time you vacuum will be good.

6. On corners, use a damp cloth or a crevice tool attachment that hooks up to your vacuum cleaner. This will ensure that you get the corners and tight areas good, and they don’t stand out from the rest of the carpet.

7. You can get rid of dust particles and dirt by waving a vacuum wand under your bed. Doing so on occasion will ensure that your bedroom stays clean, and smells clean as well.

For kitty litter on carpets or floors, you should use a lightweight vacuum cleaner. To get deep into the fibers of the carpet, you should try an upright vacuum cleaner with a power brush. Kitty litter can be a pain in the neck if it gets crushed in the pile or embedded, which is why you should get it out as quick as you can.

Give some thought to purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or combination beater and brush bar, which will loosen up the dirt in the carpet and then suck it out. This will beat the dirt from the fibers and even embedded dirt, which will leave your carpet clean and smelling great.

Whenever you vacuum, you should always be on the lookout for straw, thread, and string as it can trap debris in the vacuum hose and result in a clog. These types of hazards are also bad for the agitators as well, as they can clog up the suction as well, or get tangled up in the agitators and cause more problems.

If you have pets, you should sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet before you vacuum. Let it sit for a little while, then vacuum. The baking soda is a lot cheaper than carpet fresheners and it does the same thing – only better.

Vacuuming is very easy to do, and it’s something that should be done on a regular basis. You don’t have to be an expert to vacuum, all you have to do is make an effort. Your carpet will look good all the time, and your house will stay smelling great – which is reason enough to grab the vacuum and take a trip through the house with it.

Hoover Self Propelled

Hoover Self Propelled


Hoover Self Propelled

One of the most important things for asthma sufferers to do to limit the exposure to triggers is to simply eliminate them.  High quality vacuum cleaners with the HEPA filtration system will help to remove many triggers such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and get things really clean.  The Hoover Self Propelled Wind Tunnel Ultra is more than up to this task.

The Wind Tunnel upright has many special features that make it easy to use.  It is self propelled, which is great, as it is a larger vacuum.  With its size, the self propelled feature is great to have.  You simply let the vacuum pull itself around the floor, sucking up dirt and debris as it goes.

The embedded dirt finder of the Hoover Wind Tunnel will help you to remember to slow down when you vacuum, and it actually lets you know when they are clean, which is great for those who have a knack for going to fast and missing things.


Unlike other types of vacuum cleaners, the Wind Tunnel Ultra offers attachments that are easy to use and actually work.  To activate any of the attachments, you simple lock the handle of the vacuum in the upright position.  Doing so will automatically turn the dual agitator brushes off.

The attachment hose is a very flexible, high quality extension that doesn’t require you to connect it to anything for it to be used.  All you have to do is pull the end of the hose from the vacuum and begin using it.  Among the several attachments you can use are two extension wands, a crevice tool, upholstery nozzle with a rotating brush, and a dusting brush as well.

Ability to clean

The Hoover self propelled Wind Tunnel is superb on hard floors and carpets.  It features a hard wood floor setting that will turn the agitator brushes off so that it doesn’t blow dirt back while you vacuum.

It offers plenty of power for hard wood floors, picking up virtually anything.  Vacuuming rubs and carpets is a snap as well.  With the embedded dirt finder and the high level of power, cleaning is easy.  Throw in a built in edge cleaner and you have a nice vacuum.

Filtration system

Several people may be flat out shocked to find a vacuum in this price range that still uses bags.  This isn’t really a bad feature, especially for those who suffer from asthma.  Emptying a bagless vacuum can be very tricky for those who suffer from asthma as the dust and debris can quickly end up back into the air that you breathe.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel uses 3M vacuum bags that feature full HEPA filtration in a 6 step process to ensure that dust, pollen, and other triggers remain in the bag and don’t make it back into your home or into your air.  This vacuum cleaner also offers an easy to read indicator that will let you know when the bag is full.

The bottom line

The Hoover Wind Tunnel is a great vacuum cleaner, and is one of the best you can buy.  It is a great choice for removing asthma triggers from your carpet and floors as well as bedding and other furniture.  It is also very easy to use and has plenty of power to spare.

The embedded dirt finder can be the best friend of an asthma sufferer very fast.  It the features aren’t enough to make you a believer, the vacuum is also rated #1 in several magazines, which proves hand down that this vacuum is more than worth the purchase.

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors


Maintaining Hardwood Floors With The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood Floor Vacuum

There are several types of flooring out there. But many homeowners choose to have hardwood floorings. This particular flooring is very popular because of several reasons. One of them is because of its look. Hardwood flooring has elegant timeless look. It will look beautiful and attractive no matter the style of your interior is. However, if you do not maintain it properly, its beauty will be worn out. Hardwood flooring requires different maintenance than tile flooring or carpet flooring. Hardwood flooring is not scratch proof and water proof so that you need the best vacuum for hardwood floors. The best one will enable you to clean your hardwood flooring without damaging it.

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How To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Before you hit the store to buy the best vacuum to clean your hardwood floor, you must know how to maintain this particular floor beforehand. The right maintenance will make your hardwood floor more durable and looks beautiful for a very long time. You must also know how to minimize dirt on your floor.

To minimize dirt and moisture on your hardwood floor, you must place floor mats on entryways and in front of your sink. Placing area rugs will also minimize dirt. It is important to minimize dirt so that your hardwood floor will not be scratched too much. Minimizing the moisture is also very important. If the moisture is absorbed by your hardwood floor, it will damage it.

To maintain the look of your hardwood floor, you must do regular maintenance. You must maintain it daily and weekly. Doing the daily maintenance is fast and easy. You need a special mop that has been treated with special agent to pick up dirt, pet hair, and dust. It is essential to use this mop because it will minimize scratch on your hardwood floor. If you prefer to clean your hardwood floor using a broom, you must make sure that your broom is a high quality broom. Make sure that the broom is soft and will not scratch the floor.

For the weekly maintenance, you must use the best vacuum for hardwood floors. While you are using the vacuum to clean it, you must use the right vacuum attachment. Attaching the wrong one can damage the finish of your hardwood floor. You must not attach a beater brush and use it to vacuum the floor.

What is a beater bar? A beater brush is a vacuum attachment which looks like a round rotator with stiff and hard bristles. Using a vacuum with this kind of attachment will scratch your beautiful hardwood flooring. The right vacuum attachment is a soft floor brush. For corners, you must use a vacuum rotator with terrycloth mop. To clean stain, you can use special wood cleaning products and a sponge. This deep cleaning must be done at least once a year.

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How To Choose the Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

It is important for you to have the best vacuum for hardwood floors. The best one will give you a lot of convenient in cleaning hardwood floor. Having them will enable you to clean it quickly without using too much of energy. The best one will make your hardwood floor clean from dirt, dust, and hair without damaging it.

There are countless of vacuum cleaner products in store. However, not all of them can clean your hardwood floor without ruining its look. There are several things that you must consider. One of them is the model. You can choose canister model or upright model. The canister model is lighter since its motor is in another unit. It is also easier to maneuver because you only handle the hose with the attachment. Vacuuming your floor using the upright model can be tiring if you do not choose the light-weight one since you must move the entire vacuum while cleaning your floor. Try each of the models and feel it. Choose one that is comfortable for you and light-weight.

Another thing that you must consider is the build. Inspect the vacuum cleaner that you are going to buy carefully. Does it have protective padding on it? It is important for you to buy one with protective padding so that your hardwood finish will not be scratched. The vacuum you buy must also have rubber wheels. This kind of wheel is friendlier to hardwood floor so that you will not scratch your floor accidentally.

When you are buying a vacuum, you must consider its power. Compare the power of one vacuum to another and choose the most powerful one. A powerful vacuum will make your hardwood cleaning easier to do. You will also be able to clean your floor quicker with a powerful vacuum.

The next thing that you must think about when purchasing for a vacuum is that the feature of the vacuum. Some vacuums offer you with more function other than sucking dust, dirt, and pet hair. Some of the extra functions that you can get are wash and dry wood floor. It is a great idea to get one that offers you with these extra functions. In consequence, you can deep clean your wood floor occasionally and make sure that it is dried perfectly.

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Before you decide on the best vacuum for hardwood floors you are going to buy, you must not forget to read vacuum reviews first. You can also ask your friends recommendation for the best vacuum. When you are reading a vacuum review, there are several points that you must pay attention at. One of them is that whether or not other users experience any clogged incident while vacuuming. You must also find out about the filtering system. It is important to get one with excellent filtering system so that you can remove the bag safely. Another important point that you must looking for is durability. Purchasing a vacuum that can last for years is a must. Unfortunately not all vacuums will give you that guarantee. Some of them only offer you with a couple of years guarantee. If you are looking for the cordless one, make sure that the battery can last long enough to clean your entire home.

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