Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors


Maintaining Hardwood Floors With The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood Floor Vacuum

There are several types of flooring out there. But many homeowners choose to have hardwood floorings. This particular flooring is very popular because of several reasons. One of them is because of its look. Hardwood flooring has elegant timeless look. It will look beautiful and attractive no matter the style of your interior is. However, if you do not maintain it properly, its beauty will be worn out. Hardwood flooring requires different maintenance than tile flooring or carpet flooring. Hardwood flooring is not scratch proof and water proof so that you need the best vacuum for hardwood floors. The best one will enable you to clean your hardwood flooring without damaging it.

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How To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Before you hit the store to buy the best vacuum to clean your hardwood floor, you must know how to maintain this particular floor beforehand. The right maintenance will make your hardwood floor more durable and looks beautiful for a very long time. You must also know how to minimize dirt on your floor.

To minimize dirt and moisture on your hardwood floor, you must place floor mats on entryways and in front of your sink. Placing area rugs will also minimize dirt. It is important to minimize dirt so that your hardwood floor will not be scratched too much. Minimizing the moisture is also very important. If the moisture is absorbed by your hardwood floor, it will damage it.

To maintain the look of your hardwood floor, you must do regular maintenance. You must maintain it daily and weekly. Doing the daily maintenance is fast and easy. You need a special mop that has been treated with special agent to pick up dirt, pet hair, and dust. It is essential to use this mop because it will minimize scratch on your hardwood floor. If you prefer to clean your hardwood floor using a broom, you must make sure that your broom is a high quality broom. Make sure that the broom is soft and will not scratch the floor.

For the weekly maintenance, you must use the best vacuum for hardwood floors. While you are using the vacuum to clean it, you must use the right vacuum attachment. Attaching the wrong one can damage the finish of your hardwood floor. You must not attach a beater brush and use it to vacuum the floor.

What is a beater bar? A beater brush is a vacuum attachment which looks like a round rotator with stiff and hard bristles. Using a vacuum with this kind of attachment will scratch your beautiful hardwood flooring. The right vacuum attachment is a soft floor brush. For corners, you must use a vacuum rotator with terrycloth mop. To clean stain, you can use special wood cleaning products and a sponge. This deep cleaning must be done at least once a year.

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How To Choose the Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

It is important for you to have the best vacuum for hardwood floors. The best one will give you a lot of convenient in cleaning hardwood floor. Having them will enable you to clean it quickly without using too much of energy. The best one will make your hardwood floor clean from dirt, dust, and hair without damaging it.

There are countless of vacuum cleaner products in store. However, not all of them can clean your hardwood floor without ruining its look. There are several things that you must consider. One of them is the model. You can choose canister model or upright model. The canister model is lighter since its motor is in another unit. It is also easier to maneuver because you only handle the hose with the attachment. Vacuuming your floor using the upright model can be tiring if you do not choose the light-weight one since you must move the entire vacuum while cleaning your floor. Try each of the models and feel it. Choose one that is comfortable for you and light-weight.

Another thing that you must consider is the build. Inspect the vacuum cleaner that you are going to buy carefully. Does it have protective padding on it? It is important for you to buy one with protective padding so that your hardwood finish will not be scratched. The vacuum you buy must also have rubber wheels. This kind of wheel is friendlier to hardwood floor so that you will not scratch your floor accidentally.

When you are buying a vacuum, you must consider its power. Compare the power of one vacuum to another and choose the most powerful one. A powerful vacuum will make your hardwood cleaning easier to do. You will also be able to clean your floor quicker with a powerful vacuum.

The next thing that you must think about when purchasing for a vacuum is that the feature of the vacuum. Some vacuums offer you with more function other than sucking dust, dirt, and pet hair. Some of the extra functions that you can get are wash and dry wood floor. It is a great idea to get one that offers you with these extra functions. In consequence, you can deep clean your wood floor occasionally and make sure that it is dried perfectly.

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Before you decide on the best vacuum for hardwood floors you are going to buy, you must not forget to read vacuum reviews first. You can also ask your friends recommendation for the best vacuum. When you are reading a vacuum review, there are several points that you must pay attention at. One of them is that whether or not other users experience any clogged incident while vacuuming. You must also find out about the filtering system. It is important to get one with excellent filtering system so that you can remove the bag safely. Another important point that you must looking for is durability. Purchasing a vacuum that can last for years is a must. Unfortunately not all vacuums will give you that guarantee. Some of them only offer you with a couple of years guarantee. If you are looking for the cordless one, make sure that the battery can last long enough to clean your entire home.

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Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners-Small Cleaner that Make Your Home Clean


Dyson Handheld Vacuum

All of us have a particular tool lying at home that people just are unable to do without. An equipment or device that makes life much easier because it is exists. For lots of people, this tool or device will be the handheld vacuum cleaners. When it comes to cleansing home, this tool is something many people couldn’t live without.

Regardless of the type of residence you have, a handheld vacuum cleaner will make existence a lot easier. Regardless of whether it’s a small condo or perhaps a huge mansion, these vacuum cleaners are the best way to cope with unpredicted spillages instead of need to bother about hauling a big vacuum all around. Those who have messy kids or perhaps an untidy spouse, handheld vacuum cleaners may help you make your residence spick and period without needing to shed your brain during this process.

The facts remains that few of us do housework just for the sake of doing the work. There are a few dedicated souls out there who enjoy all the stretching and exercise that cleaning involves, although the rest of us just go for the results.

A tidy and clean home is very good, soothing, completely nothing worldwide is a lot more aggravating than attaining one merely to see all your effort simply being shattered through the slipping of crumbs or even the spilling of water on your own newly vacuumed floor.

The handheld vacuum cleaners will allow you to enjoy the very same final results and never have to do the perseverance. Many of us who find tranquility and peace in an organized home will probably cover up equipment we use to produce it all out of vision. Then, in regards time for you to clean house, dragging the vacuum away from it’s hiding position can be a difficult task.

For small messes and spills, a pint sized cleaner can help you retain your sense of peace simply because it will help you to realize that the small stuff is just that – small stuff – and nothing more.

The various tools to perform home cleaning activities should be the tools you like to use, as this is the easy way be sure that the housework will in fact get carried out.

Small portable cleaning devices are the ultimate in friendly cleaning equipment, as they can clean up small messes before they get bigger. Additionally you don’t must operate all the time possibly to have the clean property you would like, you simply need the appropriate equipment to do the job.

The 1st time you decide on up a handheld vacuum cleaner, you’ll observe how something so small in proportion can easily make a world of difference. You’ll reduce your vacuum time in 50 % and be sure that your home keeps nice and clean at all times. Handheld vacuum cleaners are also affordable.

Flashy Vacuum Cleaners

Flashy Vacuum Cleaners


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

With most people, a vacuum cleaner isn’t really an inspiring machine. If you don’t care about how it works, then you probably don’t want to vacuum to start with. At the same time, no one wants to live in a pig sty or dirty home even.

These days however, things have began to change for the better, and people’s attitudes are changing as well. Vacuum cleaners are becoming interesting and it’s all thanks to James Dyson, the inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

All thanks to Dyson, vacuum cleaners have taken on a personality and life of their own. These very same tactics are even employed by the likes of Apple to successfully ploy their iMacs and iPods to the masses have now been used with tremendous results with vacuum cleaners.

Now, let’s take a look at the decision that faces you when buying a flashy vacuum cleaner. First of all, you have the choice between the upright or canister versions. The upright style of vacuum cleaners will require you to use them in the traditional push and pull fashion, although the latest vacuum from Tyson, the DC15, has even turned this technology on its head with “Ball Technology” that will let you glide around your home with the greatest of ease – in any direction you please.

Canister vacuum cleaners on the other hand come with a hose attachment for great control and flexibility, as you can quickly and easily get to all of the hard to reach places. There isn’t really a lot of difference between the two, and it’s mainly down to your personal preference, even though the upright vacuum is best suited to larger carpets.

You should also consider the power of the motor and efficiency of the filtration system as well. Those that suffer from allergies will want to pay close attention to the filtration. Dyson for one has been very successful by marketing the benefits of its patented “Cyclone” technology, which doesn’t use a bag nor does it ever get clogged up.

If you feeling really daring and adventurous and want to stay ahead of the curve, you could go for one of the very popular robotic vacuum cleaners such as the ZA01 from Electrolux or the cheaper iRobot from Roomba. While you amuse yourself or do other things, the robot will move around your home on it’s own will, vacuuming your entire home until it is spotless. The robot even has the technology and intelligence to return to the base when it is running low on battery power and recharge itself.

If you want to be different and unique, a flashy vacuum cleaner is the way to go. There are many different models and types to choose from, from cheap vacuums to those that cost hundreds of dollars. All you have to do is meet your creative side halfway and let the fun begin!